Museum of the Order of St John

Events at st john’s gate have a magical quality. Visitors are amazed by the wealth of unimagined treasures concealed within the Gate’s enigmatic exterior.

All who enter are captivated by its extraordinary history, atmospheric rooms and stunning decorative detail. Any event, whether it be corporate or social, may be combined with a private tour of the historic buildings and the galleries.

From meetings, concerts and lectures to receptions, recitals and dinners, events at the Gate are special from the start

Accredited venue
Location: Barbican
Wedding Licence: Yes
The Chapter Hall
Drinks: 200      Dinner: 100
The Council Chamber
Drinks: 50      Dinner: 30
The Old Chancery
Drinks: 20      Dinner:
The Galleries
Drinks: 100      Dinner: 30
The Priory Garden
Drinks: 200      Dinner: 200
Maximum Capacity
Drinks: 200 Dinner: 100
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