Spectacular Food

Food is often what people remember the most about an event. Here at Food Show our energy, passion and creativity is evident in our innovative menus. We have a variety of seasonal menus that hold true to our food philosophy, that is to source high quality, fresh and seasonal produce, tracing its journey from farm to plate. The provenance of the produce we serve is vitally important and we firmly believe in the importance of eating seasonal, fresh produce; the flavour is beyond compare.

Nicoise salad with seared tuna quail egg, olive and tomato by Food Show


Our range of seasonal signature canapés is distinctive to Food Show. Our extensive menus of mouth-watering treats are a sublime way to start any event. Whether you are hosting a canape reception or celebration banquet, a selection of canapés enable guests to mingle and network in a relaxed atmosphere.


Bowl Food

Our bowl food menus include traditional favourites as well as some more unusual and irrestible dishes that are designed to leave your guests satisfied and impressed. Bowl Food is the perfect choice for informal events, enabling guests to socialise in a reception setting yet offering a satisfying meal.

Sea Bass Main Course

Fine Dining

Classic, modern and seasonal dining is designed to delight both the palate and eye. Starters, main courses and desserts are all created to complement your event and delight your guests.

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