Celebrating Christmas Traditions

Christmas celebrations world wide are amongst some of the finest traditional culinary delights. Each family celebrates with their own traditions, often inciting warm loving memories from our childhoods that are passed down through our family generations.  Christmas dinner is the highlight of any festive celebration- sharing food cooked with love with loved ones.  Around the world Christmas dinner looks very different from country to country; here we’ll look at some very special Christmas dinners from around the world.

Sweden – more is more when celebrating ‘julbord’ (the Christmas table).  The centrepiece is a Christmas ham which has been boiled and glazed. Served with a selection of smoked, cured and pickled meats and fish; and cabbage flavoured with sweet dark syrup. All washed down with a glass of Glögg.

Puerto Rico – when we’re struggling to fit the turkey in the oven on Christmas Day, spare a thought for the chef of Puerto Rican kitchen; their national dish is suckling pig ‘lechon’.  Slowly turned on an outdoor spit, this is a lengthy cooking process but the crackling and succulent meat will more than make up for the hours of turning on the spit!

Portugal – a traditional meal of codfish and potatoes is served on Christmas Eve. For dessert an array of pastries and sweet treats are served, the highlight for those with a sweet tooth! Finhoses and Bolo Rei (king cake) combines all the delicious tastes of nuts, honey, raisins, crystallised fruits and cinnamon.

Poland – traditionally families would enjoy a 12 dish feast on Christmas Eve.  Families sit down for dinner as soon as they see the first star in the night sky.  Fried carp will be served along with barszcz (beetroot soup) sauerkraut, jellied fish, gingerbread and makowki (poppy seeds, honey and nuts).  

Germany – grünkohl (kale) is a spiced kale stew served on Christmas Day in German homes.  Each family is said to have its own secret recipe passed down from Grandmothers! Served with roasted goose, dumplings and spiced red cabbage.

Britain – keeping things traditional on Christmas Day sees our tables filled with failsafe favourites from roast turkey, stuffing, parsnips and, love or loathe them, sprouts!! And for dessert hot brandied Christmas pudding, rich with fruits served with brandy butter a luxurious Christmas treat.

If you’re still searching for a Christmas Dinner alternative why not try Venison Wellington, roasted goose or duck.

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