Strawberries and Wimbledon a match made in heaven!

As the matches on Centre Court are heating up and millions of fans across the world tune in; we just can’t think of Wimbledon without thoughts of their famous ‘Strawberries and Cream’.  But where does this tradition come from?

The love for strawberries and cream is rooted deeply in our English society.  In 1509 Thomas Wolsey, King Henry VIII’s almoner, served the dessert to 600 of his guests – it is believed that this dish was then offered to his noble friends when playing tennis at Hampton Court; and researchers suggest this is why Wimbledon follow the tradition to this day.
The first Wimbledon Championship was played in 1877 and the delicious combination of strawberries and cream was served, making this tradition as old as the championship itself!
Strawberries reach the peak of their season during Wimbledon fortnight so its easy to understand why this quintessentially British fruit was chosen as the dessert of choice at the Championship.
Over 8,600 punnets of strawberries are served daily during the championship, that’s a total of 140,000 servings during Wimbledon fortnight.  With on average 10 strawberries in a punnet – that’s a lot of strawberries – over 23 tonnes!  Strawberries are taken very seriously at Wimbledon, to ensure fresh daily deliveries, the strawberries are hand-picked at 4am in Kent, and delivered to the venue by 11am.
If you’re lucky enough to be sat watching at Centre Court or even at home on the sofa, follow tradition it’s simply a match made in heaven!
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