The Iconic Tower of London

Home to Ravens, Jewels and Yeoman the Tower of London is a fortress on the banks of the Thames. Building of this spectacular London landmark, began with William the Conqueror (1066-87) and the fortress remained as a stronghold up to the 19th Century.

Today the Tower is known the world over, visited and adored by millions who visit and lose themselves in the rooms and corridors of history now surrounded by modern day life.

Food Show Ltd has a little history under its belt too! and are honoured to be a credited caterer at the Tower. Hosting magnificent Dining experiences, Lunches receptions or conferences, we manage expectations from idea to delivery.

Nothing quite like the Tower had been seen in England before, the building was immense and dominated the skyline for miles around. Our events at Food Show Ltd mirror the magnitude of this historic landmark with Spectacular food and attention to detail.

The Tower has played a prominent role in English history – it was besieged several times, served as an armoury, a treasury, a menagerie, a public records office, it was home to the Royal Mint and houses and protects the Crown Jewels.

The White Tower, is a keep, it is one of the largest keeps in the Christian world, is the oldest section of the Tower and a World Heritage Site. Receptions for up to 250 and dinner for 80 guests are catered in this impressive building. Housed within the White Tower is the Armouries, with all its grand displays and collections, including the magnificent Royal armour of King Henry VIII – 300 guests can attend receptions here, with 240seated for dinner.

The Wakefield Tower is a unique venue, originally built as part of King Henry III lodgings, 80 guests can enjoy the South Wall walks at a drinks reception or dinner for 40.

Ghosts are claimed to haunt the Tower, Ann Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and The Princes of the Tower to name a few, all add to the intrigue and spectacle that the Tower  offers. The team at Food Show Ltd delight in sharing their Spectacular Food and Inspired Events at this majestic venue.

Food Show - Tower of London
Food Show - Tower of London
Tower of London - Food Show

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