At Food Show, we are obsessed with creating exceptional food. Ask anyone who has experienced our renowned ‘Steak Frites’ canapé – the devotion invested in its creation is palpable in every delectable bite...

For instance, did you know that our chefs will only use muddy Pierre Kofman potatoes? Which, after peeling, are painstakingly cut into matchstick-sized pieces and then rinsed to remove excess starch before being blanched for 1 minute, strained and then left to cool.

The potato chips are then fried for around 4 minutes at 155°C exactly, during which time they are carefully turned to ensure the perfect level of crispiness. Finally we remove any excess oil with absorbent paper and sprinkle the fries with fine sea salt. And what about the Irish striploin steak or the béarnaise dip? Take it from us – the approach is just as meticulous...

Fig. 1:
Peel potatoes
Fig. 2:
Cut potatoes
Fig. 3:
Cut potatoes into straws
Fig. 4:
Wrap potatoes
Fig. 5:


We think of ourselves as artists – a team of culinary inventors, composers, designers and storytellers. We fearlessly experiment to conjure up spectacular events. It’s art that takes guests on an unforgettable gastronomic journey and leaves behind an enduring impression on their hearts, minds and palates.


As one of only a few Chef Patrons on the London events scene, Max Uyanik’s creativity, passion and skill are unparalleled. Having gained his expertise at esteemed London establishments like Bibendum Kensington, Bluebird Chelsea, Troubadour on Old Brompton Road and the iconic River Cafe in Fulham, Max transitioned into private events catering in 2005, joining Food Show as Head Chef in 2007.

Rooted in classical gastronomy and a dedication to premium seasonal ingredients, Max’s food philosophy serves as the bedrock for his love of experimentation, resulting in innovative dishes that are a feast for both the eyes and the tastebuds.

Max’s commitment to culinary excellence has seen him work with celebrated chefs such as Jason Atherton, Gordon Ramsey, Nuno Mendes and Hélène Darroze, as well as catering for notable events such as Kylie Minogue’s 40th birthday and Silverstone’s F1 Grand Prix.

sustainability & provenance

Sustainability is at the core of our business at Food Show. Whether it’s our dedication to sourcing high-quality, eco-friendly produce from local farms and UK suppliers, or minimising waste through intelligent menu design and careful portion control as part of our ‘Guardians of Grub’ commitment, with any unavoidable waste being converted to electricity, heat, or biofuel.

We actively encourage clients to make environmentally responsible choices. Our menus showcase sustainable options, our pricing policy rewards eco-conscious decisions, and our event planners provide guidance on reducing the environmental impact of events.

As an Ecologi climate action workforce, our team prioritises energy efficiency – transitioning to electric vehicles and advocating for biodegradable packaging and disposables, reducing our reliance on single-use plastics. We support a wide range of renewable energy, carbon capture and nature/community-based projects through our partnership with Ecologi, as well as the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project (through Sussex Wildlife Trust). We also ensure that our cleaning practices align with our sustainability values by using only eco-friendly detergents.

Food Show is committed to nurturing future culinary talent within our community. We actively engage with outreach partnerships, offering free cooking lessons to disadvantaged children and young adults, where we emphasise the significance of embracing local, seasonal food.

Corporate Environmental & Sustainability Policy


Join us on an exhilarating journey as our imaginative team nurtures your vision, transforming it into a myriad of extraordinary moments that become a truly unforgettable experience...

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Lambeth Palace

“Exceeded expectations”

Beyond Certainty Events

“A triumph”

Lucy Gemmell

“Absolutely divine”

The Old Vic